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Currently in pre-production, this Artvamp documentary directed by Kristie Alshaibi is about the relationship between molester and molested, as experienced by a sex worker and the father who sexually abused her as a girl. Through animation, interviews, educational films, and home movies the project will reach beyond mainstream sensationalism surrounding pedophilia and address the surrounding issues with frankness, and compassion.

We are currently raising funds to complete this movie. PayPal contributions are accepted via, or investors may contact us directly for a complete project plan and budget.

Also in Production:

Usama Alshaibi began shooting in September 2007 for a new docu-fiction about finding the Middle East in the heart of the Midwest. In search of a mythical city where his deceased brother wished to be buried, Usama goes on the road to find BAGHDAD, IOWA. Check out the project’s web site: