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Currently in pre-production, this Artvamp documentary directed by Kristie Alshaibi is about the relationship between molester and molested, as experienced by a sex worker and the father who sexually abused her as a girl. Through animation, interviews, educational films, and home movies the project will reach beyond mainstream sensationalism surrounding pedophilia and address the surrounding issues with frankness, and compassion.

We are currently raising funds to complete this movie. PayPal contributions are accepted via, or investors may contact us directly for a complete project plan and budget.

Also in Production:

Usama Alshaibi began shooting in September 2007 for a new docu-fiction about finding the Middle East in the heart of the Midwest. In search of a mythical city where his deceased brother wished to be buried, Usama goes on the road to find BAGHDAD, IOWA. Check out the project’s web site:

other cinema dvd release


Check out the new release by OTHER CINEMA- EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR – which features my video for MAGIC IS KÜNTAMSTER: HOLD MY SCISSORS– which made the DVD cover!


(San Francisco, CA) Following in the ominous footsteps of our acclaimed 2003 avant-horror extravaganza EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR, OCD proudly announces the upcoming release of EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 2. Curated by Noel Lawrence with invaluable assistance from Craig Baldwin, this very special film collection will be available on DVD September 25, 2007.

Creeping once more into the darkest corners of the cinematic imaginary, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 2 disinters a body of ghoulish works to satisfy our most perverse celluloid cravings.

Body-parts of cinema past – silents, grindhouse, giallos, Hitchcock, and Karloff – are exhumed, disemboweled, then stitched back together into shockingly new creations of frightful power and monstrous beauty through fiendishly clever montage and sinister sound design.

Highlights include Bill Morrison’s “The Mesmerist”, a sublime reworking of James Young’s “The Bells” (1926); the legendary J.X. Williams’ ultra-rare short “Psych-Burn” (“…strips the form of horror to its essentials.” — Jack Sargeant); and Damon Packard’s “The Early 70s Horror Trailer”, a perfect simulacrum of the fustian trailers from the Golden Age of Grindhouse.

Using crazed camerawork, mesmerizing mise-en-scene, and the alchemy of experimental technique, a new generation of cine-spooks apply aesthetic shocks to the rotten corpse of genre convention, re-animating it into a very contemporary order of horror film – graphic, ironic, poetic…undead!

“Deliciously dead-on recreations of 60s psychedelic-nightmare cinema and 70s drive-in horror …plus animated skeletons doin’ it every which way, experimental remixes of classic genre footage, vintage trailer trash, and more….”
` – Dennis Harvey, Variety/SF Bay Guardian

95 minutes
Price: $24.95
Pre-Order: September 4, 2007
Street: September 25, 2007


Bill Morrison (with music by Bill Frisell) – “The Mesmerist”
Damon Packard – “The Early 70s Horror Trailer”
J.X. Williams – “Psych-Burn”
Wago Kreider – “Between 2 Deaths”
Michelle Silva – “Amor Peligrosa”
Usama Alshaibi – “Hold My Scissors”
Lloyd M. Williams – “Opus 5”
Angel Nieves – “The Fear”
Clifton Childree & Nikki Rollason – “She Sank on Shallow Bank”


• The mysterious Closet of Horrors with spirits, psychos, and Bela Lugosi!

• A chilling cameo from Andy Warhol

• Essay booklet by Jack Sargeant (Author of Deathtripping and The Naked Lens)

• New Releases from Other Cinema DVD

For more information, or to set up an interview with Noel Lawrence, please call 415-290-0401 or e-mail

Copies of the DVD can be ordered online at


Other Cinema Digital will be screening EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 2 in selected European cities this Fall, with curator Noel Lawrence in attendance. Stay tuned for more details soon.
We are currently booking shows, so if you are a museum, gallery, cinematheque, film festival, or other screening entity, get in touch with us ASAP!


Other Cinema will screen EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 2 at its San Francisco HQ on October 27. Arrive early for free blood-red mulled wine amidst the mournful dirges of Douglas Katelus. Best costume wins a free EIT 2 DVD! Event will be held at ATA Gallery, 992 Valencia St., SF, 8:30 pm, $6.


The Other Cinema Digital label provides an alternative platform for the distribution of extraordinary film works. We celebrate peculiar visions and offbeat sensibilities, drawn from the contemporary underground as well as the archives. Be it auteur, exploitation, or industrial, OCD delivers a decidedly different audio-visual experience – ingenious, comic, critical…dangerous.