Solar Anus Cinema DVD

DVD Includes: Traumata, Organ Molly, Self-​Contained,​ Slaughtered Pigtails, Convulsion Expulsion, Runaway, Gash, Patient, Spoiled & The Amateurs (81 Minutes.)

“…his films frequently examine themes of sexuality, desire,
‘perversion’, race, and gender. His work is characterized by
a combination of dark humour and a gleeful celebration of what
deemed by mainstream culture to be deviant behavior…”
-Jack Sargeant (from Deathtripping the Extreme Underground)

Nice Bombs showing on the Sundance Channel November 23 & 24 2008


Chicago-based filmmaker Usama Alshaibi returns to Iraq, the country of his birth, after an absence of nearly 24 years. Accompanied by his American wife, Alshaibi reunites with his cousin and childhood friend Tareef, who acts as tour guide and driver, as well as many members of his extended family in Baghdad. What he discovers is a city permeated with the smell of gasoline, and everyday Iraqis who offer reflections ranging from exultation at Saddam’s downfall to despair for the future of their country. “Surprisingly warm” — Chicago Tribune.

Sunday November 23 at 5PM

Monday November 24 at 1:30PM

Sundance Channel