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chicago screening june 7

Movieside Anniversary with Chuck Statler – The man behind the music videos – June 7, 2007.

Movieside with Chuck Statler music video pioneer (DEVO, Madness, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, The Time, Graham Parker, Pere Ubu, Tiny Tim, Moldy Peaches).

Chuck Statler – The Man behind the Music Videos. Chuck Statler will screen DEVO, Elivis Costello, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, Madness, The Time, Pere Ubu & Moldy Peaches videos and talk about his involvement with creating a new wave of music videos at the Movieside 6th Year Anniversary on June 7th.

Chuck Statler, arguably the godfather of the music video, is a pioneer who directed music films for upstart record labels and emerging superstars like Elvis Costello, Madness, and DEVO before MTV’s existence. Minneapolis-based but Akron-born-and-bred, Statler met fellow art students Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerry Casale—the nucleus of DEVO—at Kent State University in the early 1970s. They soon began collaborating on the music films that would become a hallmark of DEVO’s act. Soon Stiff, Blank, ZE Records, and other maverick New Wave labels commissioned Statler to produce films for their artists. Music videos (aka short band films), traced from the budding European “pop clip” business of the 1960s, were used by record labels in America and Europe to promote new talent. Already friendly with many New Wave artists and skilled in 16mm film production, Statler soon found his niche. Highlights include films of Costello, Graham Parker, Nick Lowe, Madness, Suicide Commandos, and DEVO. Post-MTV clips include music by Pere Ubu, The Moldy Peaches, and The Wipeouters.

There will also be films by Usama Alshaibi & Bobby Conn, Chris Hefner, Lilli Carre, Matt Marsden, Jason Sandri, Shana East, Arthur Jones, Raymond Salvatore Harmon, Rusty Nails, Patrick Cheng, Aaron Augenblick, Jeffrey Stjules and more.

Details: Movieside

artvamp screenings in quebec

Upcoming DVD release and screening in Quecec!

Cinema Abattoir DVD L’érotisme is coming…

There will first be a screening / launch event in Quebec city, during the Vitesse Lumiere film festival. There will be a Cinema Abattoir screening on Thursday June 7th at the Musée de la Civilisation as part of the festival for the launch of the DVD with a screening of “Convulsion Expulsion.” You can see the whole festival program here: www.vitesselumiere.org

Thursday June 14th at midnight, at the NFB Cinema. There will be film screenings (including Artvamp shorts “Convulsion Expulsion” and “Ass”) and film performance with live musical interpretation. No cover, lots of alcohol.

Details: www.cinema-abattoir.com